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Video content is peaking in South Africa right now and has exploded to the forefront of digital marketing; fast becoming one of its most dominant forces.

In 2016, research predicted that 2019 would be the year video content became responsible for a large bulk of internet traffic. Crazy how true this prediction is. A year ago, Screen Africa writer Louise Marsland made an interesting comment: “Video content has been on the rise since smartphones upgraded their cameras and social media channels started prioritising video, as demand by consumers increased zeal for visual content. Any social media interaction is amplified by the addition of video content.” Furthermore she said brands need to create fast, instant and continuous video content in order to stay within the marketing game.

Time Demands Change!

This is most evident through the evolution of marketing.  Video content can be seen as one of the greatest joys of digital advertising as it allows for content that is trendy, memorable, upbeat and incredibly targeted.
Traditional adverts were mainly about creating awareness of a new product offering and a fostering a continued love and support for the brand, but with digital media, we have evolved from advertising traditionally. The task is now extended to also include creating solid content and lasting customer experiences, and that’s where video content comes in. I borrowed this quote from Desiree Gullan, executive creative director at G&G Digital to better emphasize the need for businesses to not miss out on the wave of video marketing:
“Video is the most powerful engager in a brand’s arsenal. It ignites emotions, builds trust and doubles exposure time”, Gullan said.

What Was Video Before?

Previously, video was largely confined to YouTube but it’s now made its way onto other popular platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too with Insta-vids becoming an absolute fave! With the amount of online activity spent on watching video, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be  jumping on board the video train and be trending for the right reasons. COO at M&C Saatchi Group SA, Neo Mashigo said digital media platforms force companies to fundamentally adapt to modern trends of marketing in order to stay ahead in the industry. “We have the resources and capacity to bring a trend that would take forever to get to the masses, to the forefront.”

It’s time to get creative with it and start experimenting with video. Amuse, entertain, appeal and be worthy of applause. Use short videos, use long videos. You have to go where the audience is and that audience right now has an insatiable need for video content. Don’t be left behind.

Tips For Lasting Power In The Marketers Game

Susan Solovic, a small business expert and New York Times, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author gave 5 tips for effectively nailing video marketing:

  1. Don’t be intimidated by the process:
    ​Solovic says you don’t  need to be an expert to put together a video. With the advent of smartphones and sophisticated cameras, it has never been easier to produce video. She says the video doesn’t need to be long but the content must be memorable and impactful.
  2. Engage your audience beyond the transaction:
    Solovic says it’s important to remember that your video content should not just be about your product, but rather give customers and fans a sense of what your business is about. This can include behind-the-scenes content or answers to customers questions on your product or business. This will not only give your customers more information about your business but it can help foster brand loyalty, which can only boost the value of your brand.
  3. Your video should add value to your product:
    ​She says business owners should provide video content that resonates with their market. Your videos should enhance and compliment your product.
  4. Look everywhere for content:
    Solovic says businesses shouldn’t be caught running out of clever concepts for video content. She says good ideas are everywhere. With proper research and an effective video strategy, business owners should be able to come up with ideas that are both interesting and informative.
  5. Become the source of quality content:
    By providing interesting and quality video content, Solovic says business can establish themselves as market leaders and experts in a particular field.

Written By: Bangcwele Qwabe (Journalist and Writer)

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