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Video Production

The best of both worlds – Video and Content Marketing for Corporates

I’ve been inspired by an article coming from Econsultancy, here’s my take on what I believe to be the most efficient, cost-effective and creative solution to creating, making and producing Video Content for Video Marketing.  

What I mean by creative is from a perspective of clever to do, but also referring to the very first point, How to create your own Video Marketing Content, preventing the insular thinking. Avoiding thinking that does not challenge the norm or seek creative zest. This is almost as important as doing the pre-production before going out to shoot.  So critical, that if you choose to go in-house, make sure your ideas are coming from a broad landscape, not just you and your peers.

I am very clear on this, but you may want to do your own homework first.  You can Google this and find as many pro’s as there are con’s, for each option. The reality is that you’ll do what’s right for you in the end.

Here’s a good start, simply Google the pros and cons of in-house vs outsourced or even in-house agencies.

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My solution is the best of both worlds.  Partner with an agency but have representation in-house.  Representations appointed by the agency and responsible for sourcing all content, information and approvals. Someone who eats; sleeps and lives the ethos and values of your business and brand. Don’t even employ this person, let them report to the agency in full, this keeps both parties accountable. It would be unfair to not provide a little more insight on the in-house vs outsourced options.

In-house Video and Content Marketing for Corporates as an option

It was 25 years ago when I first started marketing for one of the world’s biggest soft drink companies, and I learnt one of the golden rules of business.  That was to ‘stick to your knitting.’

We’ve all heard this saying, yet we all think it’s a good idea to build our own house, design it too, or chop that tree down ourselves, design our own websites or self-medicate.  Yup, you don’t need an expert for everything, but if you’re doing really well at something, why take your eye off that ball to save a few rands here and there.  The reality of in-house content and video marketing is that you…

  • Have to have time. Time to establish an entire new business, an ad agency as such with all the bells and whistles to keep the creatives creative.
  • Have time to integrate the creatives with the business people.
  • You need to find and recruit the right people
  • Need to understand these people, (there’s a reason accountants and engineers work in a separate space to agency type, creatives.)
  • And of course the money for the settling in period.

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Outsourcing – Video and Content Marketing for Corporates how will this be better or worse…

It may be equally or more expensive but.. you can always fire the agency if they don’t deliver or celebrate the success they brought you because you’ve remained true to your ‘knitting’.

  • You can demand creativity, knowledge and deliverables.
  • You don’t need to mingle with them if you choose not to. (You should, however, try it, they’re usually great fun!)
  • The downside here is finding the right guys. Avoiding the easy way out and asking your good friends at your long time Advertising agency to do the work for you.  (Not always the best idea – think traditional vs digital.  If they were the same, there’d be no digital and you’d still be relying on your AR’s from your local broadcaster.
  • Outsourcing is by far the most highly recommended, however when it comes to Content Marketing what’s needed is a full integration of knowledge, passion, care, interest most importantly access. It’s simply not ideal having some young millennial sitting off-site at the agency, listening to cool music through his headphones, responding to your audience, who have a problem with the medication they were dispensed.  Scary, I know.

Content Marketing and the creation of video needs to be taken seriously.

It takes more than one person to collate the idea, schedule, plan and create.  A company that subscribes to needing Content Marketing and is pro-active enough to jump on the Video Marketing bandwagon, will know whether its business can withstand a change of focus, one that moves away from the original core purpose of the business to reputation management (ultimately what Digital and Video Marketing is really about).

The reality is, content marketing is not just a PR person you put in the corner to get you publicity.  It needs to be a well-oiled machine that thrives on input from many sources, including technical and creative skills to develop, produce, monitor and report.

I hope this has been useful.  Ask yourself…

Why Video Marketing?.  It’s a no brainer.

How Video Marketing? A little more decision-making time needed.

In-source or outsource? You have a lot to think about. What you do know is that you need to get on the bandwagon very soon!

Give it some thought.  Or call Anita at Boost Collective.  Through Video Marketing she’ll get your business flourishing in good time.

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