Public Holiday

Youth Day, Women’s Day, Heritage Day, International Elimination Of Violence Against Women. South Africa is renowned for all its public holidays.  This can be bad for business.  Or not….

As content marketers there exist many opportunities for you and your brand or business to harness the ethos and intention of the day and turn it into a valuable message or story for your brand.

We’re almost mid-way through the year and 7 of our 14 public holidays are under the belt, but the reality is that you should be preparing for these days well in advance.  If your brand is seeking to subscribe to the ideology behind the special day, you should give it the time and attention it deserves to do justice to, both, the day itself, and your brand.

Take Mother’s Day as an example. Even if you’re needing to sell a container load of slippers, why use content marketing to do the selling when you could find stories and anecdotes by real moms (who probably work for you), that will enhance your brand, while touching the hearts and minds of others and watch what this does for your brand.

Here are the 6 marketing tips we follow:

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Don’t sell, tell a story

It’s a special day. Everyone’s looking forward to a day off and change of scenery.  Tap into the magic of this.  (We’ve covered this above)

Plan well in advance

Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July, is not a public holiday, yet it is one of SA’s most memorable and valuable days to celebrate the life of this incredible human.  If you plan this well, and truly put heart behind the concept of giving back, even if only for 67 minutes, your stories will unfold and travel the web like few others.

Look inside

A few years back, I was involved with an international brand who, for women’s day, invited women from within their organisation, to talk about their personal journey’s as women.  The outcome was extraordinary and most memorable. The spin-off even more so, for all those who attended.

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A day can become a week, month or year

It’s not about the physical event, it’s about the authenticity associated with the message and how it’s linked to a brand.  If this is done well, the stories associated with the special day can be published and shared for many days, weeks and months thereafter.

Start a movement

Special days, whether they be Christmas, Heritage Day or Youth Day are best celebrated with action.  Use your message and story to drive action, start a movement, keep people engaged beyond the date. Raise funds, start a competition, document progress and do visibly.  Build trust.

Ask for help

Too often there’s an existing marketing plan or content plan already in play.   No time for changing direction or brainstorming something new.  The team at Boost Collective can work as an extension of your marketing team.  We LOVE public holidays. We especially love helping brands amplify their voices, more especially if it’s for a great cause.

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Call us and start planning your content strategy around the next public holiday.  It’s time Public Holidays became good for your business.  We’ll work with you to find the days that you can authentically associate with.  We help develop your story, design your narrative and most often, produce a kick-ass video to boost your content marketing strategy and give you and your client the results you’re looking for.

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