The Western Cape Blood Services


75% of the Western Cape population will require a blood donation in the their lifetime, but only 1.5% of our local population are actual regular blood donors. The Western Cape Blood Service requires requires a total of five days worth of blood to supply all hospitals around the Western Cape with enough blood supply to save lives. In reality, the WCBS battle to maintain five days’ blood supply due to a lack of donations week-to-week.  The organization approached us with this challenge and asked us to partner with them in encouraging non-donors to sign up and re-igniting the urgency in non-active donors to commit to blood donation again.


We wanted to take our approach further than just a story people can watch onscreen, by bringing those experiences to life. We achieved this by inviting unsuspecting donors to meet individuals who required blood shortly after our donors took the time donate blood, themselves.


Following the launch of the brand videos, the Western Cape Blood Service saw a 41% increase in new donors following the launch of the campaign, with the videos gaining wonderful traction on digital platforms.