Bonding and Belonging


Bonding & Belonging is a 21st century leadership & mentoring organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland. Boost Collective was approached to craft a series of authentic, frank and conversational interviews with Christian Kurmann, the head of the organization.


The purpose of these interviews was to provide online viewers with a clear idea of Christian’s mindful leadership approach, in response to some of the more pertinent questions around global leadership. We opted for filming the interviews in a warm, stylish home setting, rather than a formal studio environment. We selected engaging, emotionally intelligent presenters to hold the space for Christian to share his thoughts openly and vulnerably.


The result was an honest, refreshing, succinct insight into the thought leadership ideas that form the heartbeat of the Bonding & Belonging philosophy. Added to this, we created a two-minute film to highlight what Bonding & Belonging hopes to achieve with their global clients in a thought leadership space.