Taste of Summer


Premier FMCG’s brand, Blue Ribbon was looking for a conceptualized ‘Spin and Win’ campaign that will speak and resonate with the brands key target market residing informal settlements. Our challenge was to find a campaign that speak to this target market nationally as well as collaborating with the national bakery promotional to make this campaign as success.


Introducing the Taste of Summer campaign. With summer being a time when people wind down, schools closing and the weather permeating the mood. Boost Collective came up with the Blue Ribbon Taste of Summer campaign, which rolled out across 13 sites all around South Africa.

This campaign also sparked an intrerest in KwaZulu Natal market, leading us to roll out on the same campagin for BB Bakeries in Durban. This campaign was inclusive of our spinning wheel which incentivised customers to enjoy exciting promotions, filled with, music, dancing  winning prizes and most importantly driving bread sales.


Boost Collective along with the site teams executed 428 promotions, 2160 promotional hours and managed to create increased excitement and talkability about the Blue Ribbon and BB Bakeries in the general trade. The campaign increased in customer engagement and participation during Blue Ribbon and BB Bakeries promotion. We managed to increased sales at participating traders.