Bio-oil briefed Boost Collective to develop a series of online video content to create awareness, inspire curiosity and generate engagement around the Bio-Oil Skincare brand & the Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel products.

We produced a series of video content to educate, inspire, empower and envision women from all walks of life about the gift that is their skin. The video content was  designed to be a visual and auditory sensory journey, to explore emotions, celebrate life, stir and connect the consumer to their skin. 
Additionally, Boost Collective also developed a series of brand related video content about the Bio-Oil range of products, to celebrate the brand, its accomplishments, and the unique skincare science. The video content showcased the products, their potent formulations and inspired trust and loyalty. 

Launched across a myriad of social media and experiential media platforms, the video (in all their forms including longer form content pieces & cut down versions) created quite an impact … From client, Kirstin Kruger, Marketing Director at Bio-Oil:

“The brand campaign is in full swing and not only does it look great, but it also seems to be generating loads of buzz!

 Did you know that some of the AVs on Instagram in particular have got between 20k-45k views already?

Not a shabby start if you ask me 😊