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Taste of Summer

One of Boost Collective’s offerings is experiential marketing. Brands trust us with building a close bond between them and their clients through fun and memorable experiences.

We live in a world where peoples’ decisions are driven by experience and as a business owner, a positive brand ‘experience’ is one of the best things you can give your consumers. A reason for them to remember you and your brand for a long time. And that’s exactly what you and your business want; to be constantly on your consumers’ minds.

Should I invest in Experiential Marketing?

The simple answer is yes – your business will thank you for it. Engaging directly with your clients will not only strengthen their loyalty to your brand, but it will also positively influence the way people perceive your brand in its entirety. Approximately 74% of consumers say they have a better opinion of a brand after an interactive event.

How exactly does experiential marketing work?

Marketing methodologies come in different forms, one of them being experiential marketing, of which some people might know as engagement marketing. It encompasses events, on-ground, live, participation and consumer loyalty. This then gives consumers the ability and opportunity to interact directly with brands, which is so important because consumers continue to seek and demand a one-on-one shareable interaction with brands, which builds trust between the two parties.  Boost Collective conceptualises, develops and implements direct interaction between consumers and brands; which allows consumers to connect with brands at a personal level.

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What experiential work have we done at Boost Collective?

Boost Collective has extensive experience in the experiential marketing field and has worked with amazing companies and brands such as  Premier FMCG, Woolworths, and Sea Harvest to name a few. Here, we focus on one of the biggest and most successful campaigns of the past 12 months. Premier FMCG’s marketing team behind the brand, Blue Ribbon were looking for a national campaign that would resonate with the brand’s key target market LSM 4 – 6 and energise the, mostly, informal trade. Our challenge was to bring back an old favourite, the ‘Spin and Win’ mechanism and introduce a campaign that speaks to this target market while collaborating closely with other national bakery promotions to ensure the success of this campaign.

The solution we had for them?

We pitched and introduced the ‘Taste of Summer’ campaign, which was set to roll out in December through January 2019 – the perfect time for people to unwind. Schools were closed and people could feel the December mood slowly replacing the daily grind.  The weather was warm and the mood ready for a fun-filled spin and win vibe, right on their doorsteps. This campaign included a 2m x 1,2m spinning wheel, standing high above the crowds, which incentivized customers to enjoy exciting promotions filled with music, dancing, prizes and most importantly, for our client, driving bread sales.  Across the country, in 13 cities and across 13 Blue Ribbon bakeries, teams of ‘Taste of Summer’ promoters invited audiences to interact with the brand, to dance along and stand a chance to win some of the multiple prizes valued at R900K.  There was no doubt, by the looks on the faces of those participating that Blue Ribbon successfully touched the hearts of the people who it seems, would continue to enjoy the Mmmm Yumm taste of Blue Ribbon bread every day of the year.

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How were the results?

Boost Collective along with the teams in different cities executed 428 promotions, 2160 promotional hours and managed to create increased excitement and talk-ability about the Blue Ribbon brand in the general trade. The campaign increased customer engagement, participation during the promotion and also managed to increase sales at participating traders. Do you need to connect your brand directly with its consumers? You’re at the right place, contact us via email or call and tell us what you have in mind and we’ll bring it to life with our experiential marketing expertise.

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