For the past 19 years in Cape Town, we’ve mixed it up: raw talent, pure creativity coupled with sound marketing philosophy to produce not just ordinary TV show, but kick-ass ones. We’ve also gotten to creating impactful corporate videos as well as delivering engaging experiential campaigns. We’re pretty good at that too.

While Marketing was our foundation, TV stole our hearts, until now!

Boost Collective Cape Town was extracted from our Mothership, Okuhle Media, in the year 2017, to join the digital marketing revolution and to service and delight late starters like us, or the lucky early adopters who just haven’t quite got their content right yet.

We apply the disciplines of marketing; creativity; storytelling and technology; connectivity and digital wizardry to achieve results for our clients.

Define results you say?

Lead Generation, Customers, Followers, Sales, Organic traffic, Online presence, Conversations, Business growth, Screaming fans, Samples tested, Lives changed and more…

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Our Aim?

It’s really pretty simple, we build relationships for our clients, we also create content strategies that tell stories in a meaningful way, as well as apply digital marketing or experiential tactics that get our client’s messages seen, heard and acted upon!

Welcome to Boost Collective Cape Town.

For those of you who may still be slightly unsure of who and what we are about, well this is it. We are Marketers and Content Creators extraordinaire. This is the place where content meets marketing.  Marketing meets digital. Digital meets experience.  Experience meets world….meets human, meets mind. We bring in action that brings change.

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