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The ever-changing landscape of content marketing in a digital age creates a dynamic tension, between ‘actual’ as opposed to ‘virtual’ brand experience. Pierre Muller of Boost Collective suggests that brands discover the sweet spot when they achieve a balance between the two. This is our goal at Boost Collective.  To create campaigns that speak directly to consumers while harnessing the huge dimension of digital marketing.

There are three marketing approaches that are owning the marketing landscape right now: Experiential, video and digital. As part of a well thought-out content marketing strategy,  these three tie-in seamlessly to change perception:

“To achieve this broad approach for our clients, we have to be realistic about what our South African consumer wants. In South Africa, the challenge we face is in understanding that data is expensive for the largest part of our consumer base, and especially rural or underdeveloped urban areas.  Yet brands can still have memorable campaigns, particularly at grassroots level,” Pierre concluded.

Informal settlements (LSM 4-7) contribute to 60% of South Africa’s buying power.  Pierre reiterates, that we at Boost Collective seek to generate real traction for a brand through experiential campaigns right on their customer’s doorstep. 

For the brands Pierre works with, such as Premier Foods and Woolworths, amplifying their reach and creating a lasting impression in their customer’s mind is top priority. This longer-term marketing approach is about getting a view of a brand’s big picture impact. The ‘Journey of Bread’, a story we’ve been telling in schools to Grade 4 learners since 2006 for Blue Ribbon, is a curriculum-based marketing and community serving initiative for learners and teachers alike.  

The important thing about youth and schools marketing is that it cannot be a quick fix.  Brands like Blue Ribbon in the Western Cape have been committed to supporting communities and schools in their area for 12-years now and its paying off for both the learners and the brand. 

Children engage in positive values-based ways with the story behind the product.   From formal, curriculum-based class lessons to singing and dancing with lyrics that support classroom learning and ultimately test results. These brands aren’t going in selling themselves, they are contributing in a substantive and sustainable way to the lives of many. 

Pierre went on to say…“We must therefore, not forget the timeless ‘in-person’ marketing strategies when considering the next branding exercise.  These experiential and digital integrated approaches may only reflect months later in the company results, but they do, and will continue to do for years to come.” 

The question Boost Collective asks itself at the end of the day is, did brand alignment and uptake increase in these communities? We love that measuring engagement in experiential and online is a lot simpler and more exact than the days of the 30” commercial shot-gun approach.  Concluded Pierre.

About Pierre Muller

Pierre Muller

When he’s not delivering sound creative and practical solutions for his clients, Pierre loves unwinding with his four-year-old son and playing music. Teaching is his other passion.   After a stint in Thailand teaching English with his wife for a few years, he realised how much he loved engaging with people in the classroom setting. Idyllic life on the island was all about learning a new culture and taking in the vistas on his scooter … a tranquil two-year sabbatical was enough to recharge Pierre’s batteries before being headhunted back to Okuhle Media. And now as the Business Unit Manager of Boost Collective, Pierre’s mantra is: achieving one’s goals and being successful needn’t mean stepping on toes to achieve it.   It’s about bringing others along for the journey that will make all the difference in the end.  

About Boost Collective

Established in 2003 as a Marketing and Communications-driven production company, Okuhle Media Group has come full circle, reintroducing its marketing offerings to corporates and other production companies through Boost Collective.

With a legacy of creating content that has engaged millions of local and international television audiences, it made sense to tap into that well of storytelling expertise to establish a company within the group that is firmly grounded in content creation. “One that goes the full yard, amplifying this content for clients, brands and TV shows, across the vast array of platforms available to us,” says Paula Brown, MD of Boost and Director at the Okuhle Media Group.

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